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OIL OFF and OIL OFF Machine as products


Best Engine Oil Cleaner for Ships

From automobiles to motorcycles, watercraft to airplanes, Oil OFF participates in numerous motoring activities. Naturally, we and our machinery get dirty. Our clothes and everything we touch or associate with while involved with our vehicles also get "motor" dirty; which is very different from your average dirt. This dirt is tougher to clean.


Motor dirt typically contains one of many types of petroleum based solvents used by vehicles such as: gasoline, kerosene, or diesel oil. We started off using some of the well known cleaners on the market. The market cleaners were ineffective, containing pumice and skin irritating chemical based solvents. They generally didn't do much cleaning, and they left our skin dry and cracked. As surface cleaners, they were poor due to the abrasive pumice based material which hurt our skin and the environment, because of the use of chemicals. As for clothing, get an oil stain and you’re doomed. These cleaner are not effective for cleaning clothing because the abrasive material embedded in the cleaners only caused more clothing damage.


Oil Off and Oil Off Machine are revolutionary cleaners that are fast, effective and environmentally friendly. They contain no pumice, chemical solvents, and are almost entirely organic.


Oil Off was developed specifically to clean "motor" dirt from people and surfaces with or without water. It is a domestic product thats also friendly to your household.


Oil Off Machine is a much stronger product created to clean machinery and commercial tools. It is for harder to clean and more industrial applications.




Why use OIL OFF?

OIL OFF is a non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, hand and surface cleaner. It is superior to most commonly used hand cleaners because of its aggressiveness and organic nature. OIL OFF is a radical water-based mixture of cleaners, conditioners, and emollients that clean the dirtiest and grimiest hands without drying or irritation and is equally effective on surfaces. Our hand and surface cleaner has no hydrocarbons of any kind; petroleum or otherwise. That is what makes us different! 100% environmentally friendly, the first non-hazardous hand and surface cleaner with almost no environmental impact. Most industrial hand and surface cleaners contain variations of emulsified solvents and harsh abrasives. The solvent based products exceptionally toxic, and the abrasives are relentlessly irritating and not effective on surfaces. What’s more, solvent based products are harmful and unacceptable for waste water streams, and the abrasives are insoluble, which makes them damaging to plumbing systems and harmful on your skin. OIL OFF is comprised of almost 100% all NATURAL ingredients.


Oil Off is effective on simple dirt, motor oil, gasoline, transmission oil, grease, grime, oil based paint, fiberglass resin, carbon fiber resin, petroleum jelly, and more. It is formulated to clean any hydro-carbon or petroleum-based product, on contact. When applied prior to using hard to remove substances’, cleaning of the substances is even faster. Use with or without water when cleaning hands!




  1. Product works un-naturally fast.
  2. Product is extremely effective.
  3. Product contains no irritating substances such as pumice (wash without fear of burning and stinging).
  4. Product is Non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. A healthy cleaner. 

Business Owners:

  1. You’ ll buy fewer product(s), OIL OFF works as both premium hand and surface cleaner. It, Saves , you money!
  2. It eliminates need for much water. This Saves you money!
  3. The product is Biodegradable, and contains no harsh chemicals or solvents (no damage to plumbing). Saves you money!
  4. Helping you to be environmentally responsible. Insuring our future!