1 Gallon Bottle – Oil Off Premium Machine Cleaner


What is Oil Off Machine?

Oil Off Machine is a Biodegradable Degreaser that is safe for use on all types of surfaces: wood, glass, metal, plastic, concrete, etc. Oil Off Machine will not craze plastics or other synthetic surfaces. It consists of instantly biodegradable organic penetrating agents, to work loose the most stubborn soils, grease and oil emulsifying agents, to make hazardous material more manageable for the environment.

Oil Off Machine uses the assortment of compounds to accomplish the same result with a much safer pH of about 10. The pH remains stable over wide dilution ranges and it does not present the irritation factors of a high pH to the skin, eyes, plumbing, or the toxicity to waste water treatment.

Oil Off Machine out performs specialty products in almost every category? Our first aim is always to refine the way the world cleansman & machine. Try it and you will know that Oil Off Machine is the correct answer to you cleaning needs. It cleans several surfaces very well, is non hazardous and readily biodegradable, and give you piece of mind because you only need one product and that saves your bottom line.