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Hey man, this stuff works great. And it doesn't burn at all. I have some rather serious cuts and scrapes from working on the big rigs so I hate washing my hands because it hurts. I have discovered dishwashing liquid doesn't burn but it doesn't really clean that well either. The guys said try this stuff out and man it was wicked good. And it didn't burn. Sweet.


Yeah, this stuff works pretty well. I was painting my house with some oil based paint and I put this stuff on before I got busy and went to wash my hands after I was done and boy was it amazing to see it wash right off. I’m impressed.


I no longer have any young children, but if I did, I would use Oil Off constantly. It works great removing Vaseline from your hands. I also use it before and after I do any gardening. It’s amazing, how well it works.


I particularly love the way Oil Off works as a skin protectant when you put it on your hands before you work with oil and grease and just about anything that gets your hands dirty. After you’ re done, the grim washes right away, just by rinsing your hands with water. I love the fact that I don’t need to scrub.